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As a Registered Art Therapist, I have over 25 years experience providing individual and group Art Therapy to children and adults in a variety of treatment settings.

Art Therapy is an opportunity to comfortably explore personal issues by sharing thoughts about the art making experience or symbolism in the imagery. Art Therapy is fun and relaxing. It provides an enjoyable environment to share thoughts, feelings and memories.  Art is often paired with games and sensory activities to enhance the creative experience.

A wide range of art materials and experiences are available to provide a unique therapeutic experience. The focus is on the creative process. The created art is also a tangible product to reflect on, review or share with others. No prior art experience is necessary to be successful.

Art Therapy sessions are individualized to meet your specific needs and program goals. Art Therapy Assessments, Treatment Plans and Outcome Reports are Available for agency records.

Who benefits from Art Therapy?

Adults with mental health concerns

Children with learning and behavior difficulties

Those searching for self-expression

Those facing illness or end of life challenges


People coping with grief, loss and change

Children coping with divorce and transition

Adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia

People with developmental challenges


Those coping with addiction

Children coping with difficulties in school or at home

People experiencing stress and anxiety

Seniors wanting to share life’s memories


Where is Art Therapy Provided?


Hospice Programs

Nursing Homes

Senior Centers

Mental Health Programs

Residential Schools

Hospitals Support Groups

Youth Groups


Bereavement Groups

Therapeutic Camps

Treatment Centers

Addiction Recovery Programs


Art Therapy is…

a therapeutic process

a vehicle for communication

an opportunity for creativity

a form of personal expression

a means to foster self-awareness

a way to get in touch with the environment

a visual journal a process that develops self-esteem

a sensory experience

a way to explore anxieties

a place to try-out coping skills

a way to creativity work with peers

a method to increase understanding

a process for resolving conflicts

an avenue to connect feelings and behaviors


a process that develops focusing abilities

a way to promote body image

a way to cope with physical challenges or disease progression

a method to review life memories a facilitator for social interaction

an avenue to explore grief & loss a process to manage stress

a fun and creative leisure activity


Creative Experiences and Themes...

Life Puzzle

Feelings Cards

Worry Disposal Machine

Memory Stones

Self-Awareness Creations

Mask Making

Seasonal Awareness Activities

Needs Box


Support System Mobile

Watercolor Feelings

Strengths and Skills Drawings


Coping Skills Creations

Affect Awareness Collage

Life Quilt

Group Collaborative Murals

Mixed Media Collaborations

School Strengths and Skills Machine

Grief Pots

Create a Board Game

Sensory Awareness Experiences

Personal Treasure Box

Flower Pots of Growing Support

Doorway to Dreams


Memory Cards